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Muntz Web Links

Here are some Web links to Muntz related Web sites that you may find useful.

Sarasota Car Museum
Currently featuring a complete Madman Muntz display including a beautifully restored Muntz Jet on loan to the museum from James Castoro.

The 4-Track Madman
Bio and history of the 4-track.

Muntz TV - Founded by Earl "Madman" Muntz
Muntz TV specimen certificates for sale.

Antique Automobiles - The Stanley Steamer
Links to Muntzmania 2000 and Muntz Car company.

Lessons On 802.11 Radios And Customer Satisfaction
Lessons in cost-cutting and marketing re: Madman Muntz.

4-Track; 8-Track; Muntz; Drop Loop Length
Letter about Muntz from a former employee from the Stereo-Pak days.

Earl Muntz, the 4-Track Madman
All about the Muntz Stereo-Pak 4-track system.

American Specialty cars from the '50s 'til now
Scroll down and click on Muntz Jet for a brief description of a 1950 test drive.

1954 Kurtis Cad
Funny story from a guy who claims he owns a Kurtis Cad built AFTER the last Muntz Jet was manufactured.

If you have any information regarding surviving Muntz Jets, restored or otherwise, their previous or current ownership, or any information at all about these magnificent machines that you would like to share, please contact Vic Munsen, creator and keeper of the Muntz Registry at

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