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Film Credits


Directed by:
Dan Bunker & Judy ver Mehr

Produced by:
Judy ver Mehr & Dan Bunker

Executive Producer:
James Castoro

Edited by Marina Tait & Judy ver Mehr

Interviews by Judy ver Mehr

Cinematography by Antonio Manriquez and Dan Bunker

Color Correction by Jay Walters

Sound Editing by Brianna Lynn

Sound Mixing by Marina Tait

Online Editor Antonio Manriquez

Assistant Editors Stephen Kurowski & Jeremy Look

Production Consultant Antonio Manriquez

Associate Producer Wayne Wenger


Film Clearances by Stephanie Weier - Clearance Domain

Music Clearances by Suzanne Coffman - Music Rightz

Music - CSS Music

“Muntz Kids the Classics” - Lyrics by Michael Shore

Narration by Dan Bunker

Narration Sound Recording by Dwayne Seykora

Website Design by Miro Hodyl - Fox Valley Webworks, Inc.

VHS to Digital Transfer by George Blumetti

Broken Record Repair by John Casebier

Best Boy Dave Duncan

Film Mascot  Willow the Irish Wolfhound


Special Thanks:

Jackie Autry
Frank Besancon
Vernon Burnidge
James Castoro
Dick Clark
Peter Condos
Bill Daly
Angie Dickinson
Phyllis Diller
India Fralick
Sy Fralick
Mary Lou Keegan
Arlen Kurtis
Cathy Lickers
Victor Munsen
Dean Muntz
Jim Muntz
Tee Vee Muntz
Robert Renwick
Mort Sahl
William Schramm
Michael Shore
Donald Sleeman
Steve Thornton
Wayne Wenger
Earl Whitney Jr.
Earl Whitney Sr.

Scott Baker
Brian Broderick - Tavern by the Bridge
Win Castoro
Tom Collins
Chris Covatta
John Craig - Host “Two On the Town”
Steve Daum
Steve Dillett
Eddie Brandt’s Saturday Matinee
Elgin Chamber of Commerce
Fred Fischer - Crown Plaza Hotel  Elgin, Illinois
Jack Forque
Grinberg Film Libraries
Maxine Hansen
Earl Holliman
Kevin King
H.L. Lang
Marilyn Lerner
Dieter Loetzerich
Elizabeth Marston - Elgin Area Historical Society
Alex Meredith
Dennis Moynahan
Ron Petke - Producer “Two On the Town”
Barbara Phelps
Richard Pierce
Annie Roberts
Clarence Roberts
Audrey Taylor
Nikki Thornton
Steve Thornton
Diane Waters
Ava Wooton
Bill Wooton
Dori Wooton
Randy Yancy - “Eye On L.A.” KABC Los Angeles

Most Vintage Footage Shot by Earl Muntz

Courtesy Universal Studios

Courtesy Paramount Pictures

“Blue Suede Shoes”
Written by Carl Perkins
Sung by Elvis Presley

“Que Sera Sera”
Written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans
Sung by Doris Day

“Down By the Old Mill Stream”
Written by Tell Taylor
Sung by Jerry Colonna

“A Little Bit Different”
Written by Kin Gannon and Walter Kent
Sung by Joan Barton

“She Was Five and He Was Ten”
Written by June Barnett, Mario DiNapoli and Sherman Fuller
Sung by the Mills Brothers

No madmen were harmed during the making of this film.

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